Story of stuff and ecotourism

Story of bottled water


I agree with the girl from the video, i don’t know how far bottled water is better than tap water. We don’t know which chemicals bottled water carries, we don’t know where it goes, the only thing we know is what they tell us: bottled water is better than tap water.

I’m a person that drinks a lot of water and i’m very picky about that. I live in Portugal and as any other country, the water tastes different everywhere. In my home town i can drink tap water but for example in the city where i studied that was impossible. The water had so much limestone that it tasted horrible, we had to use filters.

Did you noticed the little words in bottle water that says “consume preferably before..” it’s super weird, since when water needs to have an expiration date? Tap water doesn’t have it, we drink it and don’t complain.

People can’t even distinguish between tap water from bottled water, i can say for sure that most of those people from the video thought they were drinking bottled water. This is consumerism at it’s best people. “They” made us think that tap water is contaminated but it’s from that same tap water that comes bottled water. We use that same water to wash our food, to make dinner or lunch, to shower, to brush our teeth… We do lots of things with that “contaminated tap water” and somehow “they” say we can’t do it, we should not drink it, instead we need to buy bottled water. Everyone uses tap water, even the people who tells us not to drink tap water.

Ecotourism, for example, uses, in a sustainable way  the cultural and natural heritage, encourages its conservation and seeks environmental awareness. How can we protect the environment if it’s us who are polluting it? We use the water that nature gives us, to sell it, put chemicals in it and to gain money with it.

Let’s gain consciousness, let’s open our eyes and see what we’re doing to the environment.  Companies, specifically bottled water companies say tap water is bad for us and we should buy bottled water, but what they don’t say is that they are the ones polluting the rivers and lakes, which is subsequently bottled and which we buy.

Curiosity: Did you know that when we brush our teeth, we spend an average of about 5 liters of water? Let’s close those taps when we brush our teeth, I’ll do it, and you?


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