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So today i want to talk about unemployment. I’m unemployed for almost 2 years now and it’s very frustrating cause I had an idea of how my life was going to be after I graduated, I started to make all these plans like after I find a job I’ll rent a place and like 4 or 5 years later i’ll get married or have a kid or both, cause I’ll have a little stability in my life then. But somewhere along the way I lost myself from all of those dreams cause two years passed by and I still have no job and haven’t left I parents house.

Everyday it’s a struggle cause you feel powerless, you went to school, you graduated and then you come out to the real word and start to send CV’s but they are looking for someone with more experience than you or you have to much studies to work for them or they don’t even reply to your email or you go to a job interview but you don’t get the place and you just stand there watching your friends moving on with their life getting jobs and moving in together.

I have a friend that worked as a receptionist in a hotel but her manager was a jerk. I know this cause she was always saying that and even though she was always saying  how bad he was i went to a job interview there and got the place. He said they needed someone in the spa but also needed someone working as a receptionist (they were low on staff), I would start to work in the spa and eventually I would go to the reception and they wanted me there for at least a year. I was thrilled to work there, the employees were great, the hotel guests were super friendly, the work was super easy, I was doing a thing I loved. You know what they say “work in a thing in love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”.

I was working there for about two weeks and I was on my day off when I got a call from the company saying that they no longer needed my services, I was shocked I did everything right and got fired. I was not happy about this, so I went to talk with the manager, I asked why i got fired cause I didn’t do anything wrong and he said that the two weeks experience was done and that’s it they no longer needed me. Later that week I talked to my friend and told her what her boss did and she said “now you know the kind of person he is, btw I quit that job, by the end of the year I will no longer work there”.

My point to this story is that she quit her job and found a new one already, which makes me think the problem is me, I can’t find a job because of me, it must be it, otherwise I would be working right now. The problem isn’t that I can’t find a job, the problem is that they always find someone better –‘

But I try to stay positive, this too shall pass..

Positive thoughts 🙂


7 thoughts on “Unemployment”

  1. Do not worry for everything happens for a reason. It is said, after the rain, the sun shines again! You never know what life has in its bag for you. Smile and go forward! It is not easy but you can! Thank you for sharing this post!

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