This is great!

We should implement this in every country. Its a win win, India exports the bags and earns money in the process and the other countries wins the bags and we stop worrying about pollution. Since they are edible, they can’t hurt fauna or flora.

Plastic bags takes a life time and the next to be decomposed. Unlike other waste, plastic bags can travel long distances overland. They are blown by the wind out of trash cans, garbage trucks and landfills, and often do not stop until they reach the river or the ocean. Once there, they do not biodegrade, instead break apart into smaller pieces that soak up toxins. Then they are consumed by fish, turtles and whales that mistake them for food. Taking into account that we fish those fishes, those toxins make their way up the food chain. If we think about that we also eat plastic bags.

I just want to say “Karma is a bitch!!”  We pollute our planet in so many ways, I have to say, this is the human being at its maximum stupidity. We pollute the oceans, then we fish those pour animals, that have already suffered enough with the pollution and then we eat them, plastic bags and all. We are disgusting!

Let’s be more conscious and start to think in the planet.

2 thoughts on “PLASTIC BAGS”

  1. I agree karma can be a pain, we are strange when it comes to the earth, we don’t take care of it yet we expect things to stay the same, I wait for the day things can be for the better before time runs out


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