Who  am I?

What am I doing here?

Am I going to be in the same place forever? Or am I going to stand up and do something that actually is going to help me doing something with my life?

What is my purpose here? Is it because I don’t want to work in the family business?

I should explain this last one. Since its been 2 years that I can’t find a job, my father has been asking me for my help in the family business, but the problem is that I don’t like the job. Sure I get things done, I help when he has a lot of things to do, I work less hours and stuff, but I don’t get paid and I feel that I’m destined to something greater than this.

Right now for example, I feel that I have to focus my career on something else but… and there’s always a but… I need money and my parents think that I?m going to through the money away and don’t want to lend me the money.

These are the things I think about nowadays. I really need a job. Going crazy over here!!

This too shall pass.






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