Its a new concept that concerns consumers to reduce the production of waste at the time of purchase, which means that they prefere biodegradable or recyclable products that do no harm to the environment.

This can be an easier way to contribute to the preservation of the environment. If, when shopping, we make the right choices, we will avoid an excess of harmful materials that threatens the environment and the preservation of natural resources.

Precicling ways:

  • Opt for paper packaging instead of plastic;
  • When buying beverages, preference should be given to products packaged in returnable materials;
  • Household detergents should be free of phosphates and dishwashing detergents should be biodegradable;
  • When buying household appliances, we should pay attention to the indications referring to water and energy consumption;
  • Compost organic waste rather than throwing it away;
  • Use a reusable water bottle on the go instead of buying bottled water;
  • Bring your own cloth bags to the grocery store — or to any store;
  • Store leftovers in durable, reusable glass containers;

Curiosity: Did you know that 40% of what we buy is trash?


Reduce it before you buy it!


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