Things I’d say to 13-year-old self

I’m pretty and I know it  (almost like the song ahah), but growing up I had some hard times. It was very hard for me to make friends, still is. I was a girl with no boobs, had very pale skin (like a vampire), my teeth were crooked and on top of that I had a very bad temper.

I believe this last one is because my zodiac sign is Gemini. I can be happy and frustrated at the same time. I think I soak in the emotions that people are feeling that time. For example, if you’re very calm or a peaceful, I will be very zen, however, if you’re a nervous and anxious person, I will literally start to sound like a crazy person, showing symptoms of PMS (when I’m not).

Growing up, I was always like mad or something, always with my headphones listening to music, like an antisocial. If I could go back in time there’s some things I would like to say to make my 13-year-old self feel a little better.

  1. Boys will be boys

They are mean my nature. All kids are. Don’t listen to them. It really is a fase.

  1. There will be boys who will think you’re attractive

Today, almost 15 years later you still have crooked teeth, little boobs and a pale skin, like lots of other woman in the world. Boys will look at you, you’ll be fine.

  1. You will have boyfriends

Just learn when to say NO when he hurts you for the 34565 time. Just dump him, there’s lots of fish in the sea.

  1. You need to be less antisocial

How do you want to have friends and be invited to things if you shut everyone out?

  1. People will always remember you when they need something

Don’t be sad for that. The real friends will be there when you need them to be.

So don’t worry about you’re body, its just a fase. Enjoy the little time you have left in school, adulthood sucks!

Remember this too shall pass.


5 thoughts on “Things I’d say to 13-year-old self”

  1. In the 1960’s, when I got out of the army I was a Hippie. IO met many young confused run aways that if they knew what you know would have come to better ends. So many became addicts. I also have known adult women that would be freer as adults if these were not unknown to them as girls.

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  2. Being in high school is not easy for everyone, many girls or woman like me will tell you the same thing. Some have it harder than others, I had some friends, but I always felt left out, I still do, but I don’t let that affect me because I know that its me who pushes people away. Its just my way and I can’t change it back in the day I never realized that.
    I had many problems with my parents in the 11th grade, people though I was on drugs and everything (you just gave me a great idea to blog)

    Thanks for sharing my post and commenting 🙂

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