DIY: Harley Quinn Cosplay

I love Marvel movies, so when I went to see Suicide Squad, I knew that carnival I had to go as Harley Quinn. I nearly spent any money to make the costume.

Have in mind that I made this costume last year, so I don’t have many pictures of the process. I will try to make it simple though.

Tools: Materials:
Scissors Red paint/spray
Paint brush Blue paint/ spray
Pencil/ pen Gold paint
Printer Balck paint
Free templates Craft foam (1mm)
Duct tape/ Masking tape Old pants (preferably a bright colour)
Measuring tape Long sleeve old T-shirt (preferably a bright colour)
Jacket (preferably a bright colour)
Fishnet black tights
 Spray hair color (Blue/red)



To make the jacket, you need to have a white or grey jacket. Cover one side with plastic and make sure to tape it so when you spray it the plastic stays in place (tape it if you need) and do the same thing to the other colour.

After that, with gold or yellow paint, you need to make 2 lines on the bottom of the jacket and make a big line on both arms. I used masking tape to help paint.

Now, the only thing left are the drawings on the back.

Templates here



I used a white long sleeve old t-shirt, I cut off the shirt down the elbow and the collar. Before painting it, I used masking tape to make the limits, so I know where to paint.

Then mixed water with blue paint and painted one sleeve, after that I painted 2 red stripes on each side.

I also made some cuts around the belly, it doesn’t need to be symmetrical.

Now the only thing left is the template.

Template here


**Mix the red paint with water, I recommend using a sponge, because brushes can be too harsh on the fabric.



I had some old pants that I didn’t use anymore, so I cut them to make shorts and then painted one side blue and the other red. I used acrylic paint. It was very quick, 10 minutes and it was done.




I didn’t have time to make the boots, so I leave you with a video that can help you.



I just used eyeliner to make the tattoos on my body.



To make the choker, I made a strip of EVA foam with 40cm long by 5 cm large (the size of my neck), and painted the foam white (I didn’t have white foam). Then I made the letters PUDDIN also in foam and painted them gold. To hold the choker I glued velcro on the back.

Template of the letters here





My father had a paddle that was rotting and he was not going to use it any more, so my uncle helped me make the taco, he worked the wood until it looked like a bat and then I did the rest.

I started by making a mix with yellow and white paint, to make it look like her bat. Then with masking tape I glued the template on the bat and paint the letters red with a black  outline and wrapped masking tape in a spiral way all the way down the bat.

To draw the diamonds I used a pencil and a photo of her bat. After that just painted red and blue and made 2 black outlines.

To make the words written on the back I just used some quotes I found online.

Template here

To finish the costume, I used spray hair color to paint the hair.

And that’s it..


PS: I do feel sad i didn’t get to wear the boots.

3 thoughts on “DIY: Harley Quinn Cosplay”

  1. Love the fact that you made everything yourself, I wish the blue’s matched a bit more but you did great !! Post more stuff like this please


    1. Thank you for the support. I’m very perfectionist, so imagine my face when i got 2 blue colours –‘ (the blue from the jacket was spray and the blue from the shorts was paint)
      I’m actually thinking about making batman’s costume 🙂


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