The ugly truth


Such a powerful word!! Such a powerful meaning!! For those who believes in Him.

I should start by saying that I’m an Atheist and I don’t want to offend anyone, I respect those who believe in Him. I believe that He existed but I’m having a hard time believing all the things He did. To me it’s just stories that the church wants to sell to the christians, a way to make money without sacrifice or hard work. I believe that if He existed He had a very serious health condition, because no one in their right mind will shout after being crucified “FATHER WHY HAVE YOU LEFT ME”. I believe that the Rome Empire saw Him as a threat, that they saw Him as the Man that somehow wanted to start a revolution against the romans.

Pour Jesus, he was just a man, a small-town man in a Roman province, too far away from the political and religious power, he could barely threaten Rome in any way. But he started to be very popular with all of his talk about God and started to draw the attention of too many people, making the Roman authorities very anxious making them believe that he was in fact a revolutionary. As anyone who were suspected revolutionaries, he was a potencial threat and back then any perceived threat was put down with decisive state-sanctioned violence and therefore, crucified.

If you come to thing about it most of the texts that are in the bible are stories… And maybe, just maybe Jesus and God are just another story, but they were sold as faith to the christians, so we have something to hold on to in our darkest hours.




2 thoughts on “The ugly truth”

  1. Interesting post. I think you’ve got a point, with him seeming to be a threat and that’s why things happened the way they did. I’m an atheist as well, but I don’t necessarily believe Jesus didn’t exist. I think he was just a dude who wanted to help other people.


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