Is the universe talking to me?




I had a hole other post for today, but yesterday happened something funny/strange and I have to share this.

So yesterday I was just minding my own business here on wordpress, seeing other people blogs and things that interest me like spiritual stuff, meditation, signs from the universe….

As you know I’m still looking for a job and it’s been a couple of months that I started to think about focusing my career on something else to open my horizons or something. But as I’m am afraid about doing that, I started asking signs from the universe.

Should I do it? Should I go ahead with it? Should I just look for a job instead?

But then I thought “How am I supposed to know if the universe is talking to me? Sure I know it sends signs to me by repeating them, but there must be more”, so I when online and found something very interesting. Along with the repeating message I also found a list I relate to:

1. Sudden breeze when you’re not expecting – picture this you’re sad or upset with something and out of nowhere comes a breeze that makes you feel better – this happened to me a long time ago;

2. Animals visiting and never wanting to let go – my cats boyfriend, they love me, his mother is very jealous of my relationship with her cats, they always choose me over anyone else or start having conversations with me or always following me around (I just love them so much but its exhausting sometimes);

3. Your gut or instinct – something tells me that I should go ahead and do it;

4. Feeling the sensation that someone is watching or listening to you – always happens to me, like everyday I feel that I’m talking to someone even when I’m alone;

5. Tingling sensation on one or all of you’re Chakras – a few months ago I had a numb toe for months it wouldn’t go away, now I know what it was;

5. Ringing sensation in your ears – this constant ringing sensation in your ears is when the universe is in contact with you (as I was reading the post of the universe signs and thinking about job applications my ear just started ringing and then again just now, when I’m  finishing this post.

Holly crap!! The universe is talking to me )


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