Everytime the theme is God at my parents dinner table it always ends the same way, wrong.

Last week I made a post about God and Jesus and how it all sounds like crazy.

I believe that if something happens its not because God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle but it happened because you have chosen a path that lead you to that direction. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Everything has a cause and an effect.

Yes, we have to have faith in something. Believe in yourself, that’s the faith.

A few years back I was in college and I had a few difficult subjects that I couldn’t pass the first time I took the exams.. or the second time…or the third time… my parents knew I was struggling very hard with this and without me knowing my father talked to his god and asked him to help me. At the same time, as I was struggling with these subjects and hitting my head on the walls (not literally, it’s just something we say in Portugal) I was studying very hard…The exams were a piece of cake, very easy (for someone who studied very hard), so when I told my father the good news, he looked at me and said “Congrats, I’m very happy for you but you know what we have to do now” as I stood there looking at him with the face of wtf is going on he continued “I made a promise to my god, I promised Him that if you passed the exams we would go on foot to His chapel to fulfill the promise” I stood there just looking at him and say “Dad, you know I don’t believe in any of this, if I passed the exams it’s because I studied very hard for it to happen”. Because I didn’t want him to be mad at me or sad so I went anyways just to make him happy. It took an hour walking from my house to that chapel, it was a win win for both of us, he fulfilled his promise or whatever and I appreciated the view, made exercise and got to be with my father (who is always working).

All of this just to say that everything that happens has a cause and an effect, if I didn’t studied at all for those exams not even the Holy Spirit would help me.

So, in conclusion, believe.. have FAITH in yourself because you’re the only one standing in the middle of your own success.


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