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The Commercialization of Childhood


Video: The Commercialization of Childhood

Thanks to their parents, children are more and more consumerists. Instead of giving kids everything they want, parents should try saying NO.

Kids, nowadays, no longer have a childhood anymore they want to be what they are told to be, what they see in a magazine, on television, on the internet, they are growing very fast for their age, at the age of 10 they already have ipods, cell phones, computers, when they should have barbies, cars, action mens…

Back in the day, we used to play outside the house. Nowadays children want to be rich, have make-up and good cars to show their friends how cool they are. Back then we wanted to be nurses, doctors or astronauts. Children today are growing too much for their age, and all thanks to the marketing in the tv.

5 thoughts on “The Commercialization of Childhood”

    1. I couldn’t agree more, back in the day we would go outside and play till night fall, nowadays kids just want playstations and videogames. They lost all their childhood or are losing.


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