Time, go back!!

Today a friend of my posted a video on facebook about the old days. Oh men, those were the days. The days we worried about nothing, except time. We wanted the time to stop.

Stop so I can play in the street a little longer.

Stop so I can watch cartoons a little longer.

Stop so I don’t have to go to school.

We could play with everything, sky was the limit. Kids nowadays only want to play computer games or playstations.

Do you remember how much fun we had playing those games? OM Gosh, I’m remembering them all..

  • Hopscotch, OMG I loved hopscotch, I used to cheat in the end of the game just to be the first one finishing (you know in the end were you need to do it all blindfolded? except we didn’t had anything to cover our eyes with, so we closed them)
  • Red light/Green light, which in Portuguese is called one, two, tree chinese little monkey
  • Run up the slide in the park with your mother always saying “you are going to fall and I’m going to beat you for not listening to me”
  • Mother may I.. Oh gosh I loved this game.
  • Cat’s cradle, I hated this game but just because I only knew how to make the first 3 string shapes.
  • Blind man’s bluff, button, button, who’s got the button, hand-clap games, telephone musical chairs, handkerchief game, hide and seek, marbles…

I could stay here al day long. Kids nowadays knows nothing, they don’t know fun like we do.


PS: Sometimes this was a buzz kill other times I really enjoyed it but only if I could do it with my finger (I was a strange kid)


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