Weird habits


We all think we are unique in our own way. If you come to think about it we are very similar to each other. Have you stopped to think about you’re weird habits?? Well, I have and let me tell you and I have quit a few.

  1. I have a coat with snap buttons and everutime I wear it I always have to play with it, it’s annoying;
  2. I feel very uncomfortable when the TV volume Is on an odd number;
  3. I pick ingrown hair, I have to lose this habit its making my skin hurt and ugly;
  4. O tap my fingers to beats and I have to do the same with the other hand, if not the first hand wins;
  5. I turn the sound down in my car when i’m parking the car— as if that somehow improve my vision;
  6. I talk to your pets like they’re little people. “Who is the sweetest thing? Who is? You are. OMG, you’re so fluffy and cute I just want to hug you so hard”;
  7.  I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, and I feel a bit crazy because it didn’t;
  8. I park my car in an inferior parking spot and walk further rather than coping with the stress of slotting in between two cars. – In my defense I’m traumatized, I hit my car a few years back and got hit from behind while I was on a zebra crossing;
  9. Everytime I put my pants on, I always have to put on the left one first, because if I don’t do it I’ll have bad luck for the rest of the day;
  10. I pick my lips for no reason;
  11. Everything in my room has a specific order, a certain place, if someone changes the place or moves it 5inches I WILL KNOW!!NO ONE MESSES WITH MY ROOM WITHOUT ME KNOWING IT (and that’s why my mother rarely cleans up my room);
  12. I must fidget the pages of books, it’s soothing;
  13. If I’m eating fried eggs with my food, I have to eat it last, it cannot be poked and I eat the egg white first (best things last, right?);
  14. I talk to myself a lot. When I have work to do I have split personalities to help me debate the theme;
  15. Sometimes I pace sideways when I’m seating down;
  16. I hate uneven numbers, don’t know why;
  17. I have a symmetry disorder. Pretty much everything has to be even and straight. Blankets and sheets, the stitching line on the toes of my socks, the length of shoelace on each side of the knot/bow, pictures, even numbers on volume settings.


What about you? What are your strange habits? Please do tell 🙂

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