Wish It, Dream It, Do It

Since I was a little girl…Well not that little but old enough to start to understand what my likes and dislikes were. Among other things I always liked candles and incense and oils…all that stuff from massage rooms that make you feel very zen. I used to give candles and incense to my mom as a gift, every Christmas and birthdays I’d give her at least one candle. She now has lots of candles all around the house, she never lit them up…they are so pretty…

As the time went by, I started to be more sure about what I liked and that was massages. I always wanted to know more about the subject and even wanted to give massages to everyone in my family…Hell I used to see videos on youtube and fell asleep watching them, cause they were so soothing..But never occur to me that I could take a course, for example. Didn’t even knew they existed..

So I went to college and mastered in tourism cause this is a rising industry and also cause I love to speak other languages. It was the perfect plan. For a while I forgot about the massage therapist thing. Sure my roommate was working as a massage therapist/receptionist to pay for tuition but the subject rarely came up.. and sometimes I’d give her massages (I’m such a good friend).

The time went by and here I am with my masters in hand and no job. Since I started to understand that I’m going nowhere like this and started reevaluating all aspects off my life I decided that I should try to pursue the dream of being a massage therapist.

For a very long time now I dream of being a massage therapist but as you know, if your reading my posts, doing that is not an easy task because I need founding from my parents and as you know money doesn’t grow in the trees AND as you also know I can’t seem to get a job. So you see where this gets tricky. They always said one of two things: “No, we don’t have the money” or “That course is not leading you to anywhere”.

After a short period of time (that seemed like forever) where I talked to my parents about the pros and cons of this course, saying that this is good for me because knowledge is never too much and it’s going help me to find a job in another field that I like, they finally said “ok you can do it”.

I’m very proud to say that I’m finally taking a course in Massage Therapy and luckily one year from now I will be able to say “I’m finally working in my area of expertise”.

So you see where Wish it, Dream it and Do it is very important in our daily basis. If you want something very bad, make it come true!


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