Daily Prompt: Shocking facts about Ocean Pollution

Marine life is dying as a result of the human impact. We need to preserve its natural beauty and combat this pollution.


1- Plastic is the most common element that is found in the ocean. It puts in danger many, many, many species;

2- The biggest source of pollution comes directly from land sources. Thousands of tons of waste and trash are dumped into the ocean on a daily basis;

3- Many species are being killed by ocean pollution: three hundred thousand dolphins and porpoises become entangled in fish nets, over one million sea birds and one hundred thousand mammals die every year;

4- Even though much the trash and waste dumped into the ocean is released hundreds of miles away from land, it still washes up on beaches and coastal areas;

5- The North Pacific Gyre off the coast of California is the largest oceanic garbage site in the entire world. There, the number of floating plastic pieces outnumbers total marine life six to one in the immediate vicinity;

6- Oil is the fastest source of deterioration to the ocean, being far more harmful than trash and waste. Most oil causing harm in the ocean is a result of drainage from land. Oil spills suffocate marine life to death, and leads to behavioral changes and a breakdown in thermal insulation to those that do survive. It essentially changes the entire ecosystem of an affected area, such as a long coastline or deep ocean;

7- Toxic metals can destroy the biochemistry, behavior, reproduction, and growth in marine life;

8- Small animals at the bottom of food chain absorb the chemicals as part of their food. These small animals are then eaten by larger animals that again increases the concentration of chemicals. People get contaminated easily by eating contaminated seafood that can cause serious health problems, from cancer to damage to immune system;

9- The garbage like plastic bottles, aluminium cans, shoes, packaging material – if not disposed correctly, can reach the sea and the same garbage can again reach the sea shore where it pollutes beaches and affects local tourism industry;

10- Chemicals from industries and mines can seep through soil, water or land either during their manufacture, use or accidental leaks. From soil, water or land, they can enter into ocean currents and can travel longer distances;

11- Till today, in many parts of the world, sewage water is discharged in the ocean – untreated or under-treated. This can cause serious effect on marine and human life and can also lead to eutrophication.

“Did you know that approximately 1.4 billion pounds of trash per year enters the ocean?” Source: NOAA




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6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Shocking facts about Ocean Pollution”

  1. Very informative post. I have been doing a project with my son about Coral reef and its heartbreaking to know that Coral reef which gives shelter to 25% to marine life almost 2 million species is in danger because of ocean pollution.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thats so true and somehow this information does not reach everyone.
      We need to be aware of the harm we are doing to the planet.
      You should check my post about straws 🙂


    1. I agree.. I also thing about money and how to earn it fast but I always think about the planet and the harm we are doing to those poor animals.
      They can do the same thing they are doing but ecologically, I know it costs more but we only have one planet.


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