Coral reefs

Aren’t they beautiful?

75 percent of coral reefs are threatened, it is estimated that more than 90 percent of world’s coral reefs will die by 2050

Did you know that they:

  • Protect coastlines from the damaging effects of wave action and tropical storms;
  • Provide habitats and shelter for 25 percent of marine organisms;
  • Are important to develop new medicines like cancer, arthritis, human bacterial infections, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, viruses, and other diseases;
  • Protect shorelines and helps to slow erosion, which means many people can safely live on islands or along the coastlines.

Did you know that we are killing them with:

  • Overfishing/Fishing practices: These include cyanide fishing, blast or dynamite fishing, bottom trawling, and muro-ami (banging on the reef with sticks).
  • Careless tourism: Careless boating, diving, snorkeling, and fishing, with people touching reefs, stirring up sediment, collecting coral, and dropping anchors;
  • Pollution: Urban and industrial waste, sewage, agrochemicals, and oil pollution are poisoning reefs. These toxins are dumped directly into the ocean or carried by river systems from sources upstream.
  • Sedimentation: Erosion caused by construction. This ends up in the ocean, where it can ‘smother’ corals by depriving them of the light needed to survive.
  • Coral mining: Live coral is removed from reefs for use as bricks, road-fill, or cement for new buildings. They are also sold as souvenirs to tourists and to exporters.



Why are we damaging them? Why do we kill everything that nature gives us? Survival of the finest?Is that it?When we do win, what then?We won but we lost our source of food, what then?


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