Animal testing



Today I want to talk about something that makes me feel very disturbed and sad. As an animal lover that I am I believe that animals should be treated with respect, love and kindness, they have the right to live free, in the wild. I can’t understand why some people are so mean to them. I understand that are some tests that needs to be done in order to to improve our quality of life but do we really need to do animal testing?

For some time now I’ve been thinking about this and yesterday I decided to make some research to see if my body cream, deodorant and shampoo are cruelty free. I was happy to see that I can still use Body shop and Boticário creams (the last one is a Portuguese brand for cosmetics) but I was also sad to find that the other ones are not cruelty free. So, I continued to do my research to try to replace my shampoos and shower gels and deodorants… Everything… But what I found out was very disturbing…

Have you noticed that almost everything we use at home is not cruelty free? I was shocked!! I knew that some things are used in animals but almost everything I have at home is tested in animals. I know I don’t like rats or snakes but they deserve a life too. They belong in the wild not in cages being tortured every other day.

Why do we have to do this?Isn’t any other way to do this? YES THERE IS:

  1. Only Buy Cruelty Free Shopping
  2. Avoid Funding Animal Torture & Death
  3. Internet Animal Cruelty Videos, Photos & Groups – The Best Way To Report Them
  4. Get Crossposting To Save Animals Lives
  5. Take Part In Campaigns And Petitions
  6. Search Through Charity Search Engines 
  7. Donate Stuff You Do Not Want
  8. Prevent Pet Abuse By Warning Of The Dangers Of Advertising Pets For Re-homing
  9. Peaceful Protest Tactics
  10. Sew For Charity, Craft & Knit
  11. Charity Greetings Cards, Gifts & Products
  12. Buy Charity Gifts And Charity Cards From Online Animal Charity Shops & Auctions
  13. Charity And Non-Profit Insurance For Pets
  14. Consider Pet Adoption / Foster Or Sponsor An Animal
  15. Be An Animal Volunteer
  16. Stop Animal Abuse By Raising Awareness
  17. Adopt A Vegan Diet Or Vegetarian Diet
  18. Include Animal Charities & Rescues In Your Legal Last Will And Testament
  19. Support Non Animal Testing Research Charities
  20. Help Stop Animal Testing By Donating Redundant Human Tissue



Let’s raise awareness


7 thoughts on “Animal testing”

  1. It is indeed sad to notice how majority of our products are tested on animals, and that’s not all, animals are abuse central in many more activities whether it be active or passive, but we ‘Kind’ hearts overlook these matters whenever it hinders our comfort. 😥

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