Did you know that bees are disappearing ? We depend on them for about a third of the fruits and vegetables we eat and many scientists believe that it is the most serious issue humanity faces.

It is thought that bees are disappearing because a disease (Varroa) that contaminates them, like AIDS to human beings. Its a virus that attacks them and spreads through them all and scientists haven’t yet found a cure, which is alarming, because with no bees the world as we know it can last only for 4 years. However, they are still considering various hypotheses to this problem, like climat change, pesticides, environmental pollution, cell phone radiation… 
These little creatures, that we are always killing or running from, are the ones that keep our world in balance, without them we could have serious problems.

Video: The hidden beauty of pollination


5 thoughts on “bees”

  1. They’re also dying out because of the amount of pesticides we are using as gardeners and as industrial growers. Regulations are now in place to reduce the usage and some of the stronger insecticides have been banned. I try to garden as organically as possible to help the little creatures.

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  2. My daughter and I actually read about this for a reading comprehension exercise. It’s amazing how important they are. That reading exercise makes me want to buy lots of flowers so they can do the job God intended them to do.

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