Bullfighting: a manifest



The theme bullfighting is a subject that raises much controversy because there are many people against and in favor. This is a subject that touches me a lot, because I really like animals and I do not know how it is possible for people to harm them.

Why do people enjoy this kind of thing? I do not see the logic of those who like bullfights, I respect them, but does not make any sense being in a bullring watching the show of man sticking the bull. If people do not like to feel pain why should animals? Why support a cause that only brings suffering to the bull and the horse, why support torture?

Let’s start with the bull, he is a wild animal, is taken from his natural habitat and deprived of liberty, violently stucked into tiny cages, his horns are cut of many times without any anesthetic, some kind of ointment is applied into his eyes to provoque irritation and decrease his vision, most times he is assaulted before the bullfight with electric shocks in the testicles to become enraged, apparently to be feared by the crowd and to be considered dangerous when he is really scared, very afraid and full of pain. As if that was not enough, the man forces him to run for his life, provokes him and pokes him with barbed sticks. In the end, the bull is taken to the slaughterhouse and the bullfighter is applauded as if he had done a good deed.

But the horse is not to blame either. A horse that faces the bull has to undergo enormous stress, risking to be hurt or even to die. The horse is an animal that when feels threatened seeks its safety instinctively, but the man forces him to stand in front of the bull, using spurs so that the horse does not run away. And people continue to applaud the knight and bullfighter, as if they had saved a life, without knowing that behind it all the horse also suffers.

Apparently everything is alright, apparently!!

Keeping wildlife wild!!

3 thoughts on “Bullfighting: a manifest”

  1. I also do not understand why they do this. I find it to be cowardly how they stab the bull. It’s terrible. Makes me so sad. If a person wants to fight a bull, they should see how well they do with their bare hands, no weapons lol 😁😁 x x

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    1. they do it to entertain. In a bullfight I only like the part that men are trying to catch the bull, (I don’t know if there is a name for it in english), it’s the only part that seems fair to me.


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