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Today I’m feeling a bit mad, angry, annoyed, frustrated, very upset and very sarcastic so I’m sorry in advance if I offend someone but I need to get it all out before I go to bed cause tomorrow the feelings will be gone (or not).

Once more I went to a job interview, I was not nervous, working in a store is very easy, I’ve done it before, for years, so I’m comfortable applying to one. I really don’t understand these job interviews I really like to know what they want me to say. I understand there are some patterns to follow but really, some questions are so impersonal that I just don’t understand them (Again I’m sorry if I offend anyone)

Q:Why do you need this job?

A:Why do you think that it dumbass?Because I like to work, said no one ever! Because the bills aren’t paying by themselves you idiot. Money doesn’t grow from trees you know?” or I can answer in other way “I want this job so much, I have no career prospects and want to stay here forever because I want to settle for this job. this career is the highest I can go. I’ve settled the bar very low and want to keep it that way. Oh God, yes, I want to be a salesperson all my life”.That’s what I’d like to answer sometimes. (BTW, this is coming from the feelings I have repressed all my life because my father owns a grocery store).

Q: “Can you tell me 3 qualities and 3 defects/ one thing to improve on yourself?

A: “Seriously? If I ask you right now to give me the name of a song that describes what you’re feeling right now, could you do it?” Everytime someone asks me this question I have brain freeze, brain fart, a senior moment, I simply cannot do it, even though I know it. For crying out loud I know myself, I’m smart, I’m creative, I’m caring but I have bad mood, love sleeping and on top of that I’m lazy, off course I can’t say that in a job interview, that would make him/her cross my name of that list in a blink of an eye, even though I would never be lazy at work and never be disrespectful to a costumer, please my common sense is not broken yet.

However, I do understand the point of the question, they want to know how well I know myself but still it’s not like it’s getting me hired so why ask it? I can answer whatever the hell I want and not get fired because of it.

Q: “What do you do in your free time? Do you like going out or stay at home? Do you drink when out?”

A: “What ever the hell I want, ok?! What do you care if I like going out or drink? If I say I like to drink with friends while listening to techno does that tell you I’m on drugs? or does that simply say that I like going out to have fun with friends? For all you know I could just stay at home getting high. And what if I say I like rap? Does that make me a gangster? What about pop? Am I a pretty girl now?”…

This actually happened to a friend, she asked him what kind of music did he liked and when he said techno the woman asked right away “what do you drink when you listen that kind of music?”. Really? She just basically asked if he liked drunks. Thankfully he answered that depends on his mood, a couple of beers or something sweeter like spirit drinks.


They want to know you’re flaws and qualities, what do you do in you’re free time, why do you want that job? But getting to know someone takes more than 30 minutes, takes a lifetime sometimes. These kind of questions are not going to help someone to get the job so why ask it anyways?



This too shall pass, right?

12 thoughts on “Job interviews”

  1. I know how frustrating some interviews can make you feel especially afterwards. I have been to dozens & some of them were down right brutal, once I stepped out only then I could feel how much outrage I felt. You are so right that it takes much more than 30 mins to get to know someone & with some of the unnecessary questions getting to know you is just impossible. Anyways this too shall & does pass. I hope your next interview will be a better experience.

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  2. I have never gone for an interview but I’ve heard of the type of questions that interviewers ask and yes how can you judge a person completely in just 30 minutes ? Okay I get it body language plays an important role but that can be deceiving !

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    1. I totally agree, I can go in there showing confidence, always looking them in the eye and speak clearly just to get the job and then when I get it I take my mask of and they will see that after all I’m not very confident, hate to look people in the eye and speak very fast. They want liars..

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