Portuguese sayings

Hi there beautiful bloggers. For quite some time I wanted to show you some sayings that Portuguese people say all the time. When I first looked them up in english laughed so hard I started to cry. Here are some of the sayings:

  1. A Portuguese doesn’t tell you to go away. Instead he will say to go see the ships.
  2. A Portuguese will never say you live a luxury life, he will say you live to the big and to the French.
  3. In dirty Portuguese, a place is not just ‘extremely far away’, it is in ‘Saint Cunt of Whistles’, or in ‘the oldest cock’
  4. A Portuguese will not tell you there will be bad weather soon, he will say ‘seagulls on land, storm in the sea.’
  5. A Portuguese does not say “you should earn good habits when your little”, he says “it’s from very little that the cucumber is twisted”
  6. A Portuguese does not “study hard”, he “burns the eyelashes”.
  7. In dirty Portuguese, a person doesn’t ‘waste your time’, he ‘does not fuck or gets out from the top’
  8. A Portuguese never says “it’s loo far”, he says ”that stays at Judas’s ass”
  9. A Portuguese does not say he needs a break, he says “nevermore is saturday”
  10. A Portuguese doesn’t give up, he takes the little horse out of the rain
  11. não pensar tão alto, não ter muitas ilusões, não sonhar
  12. A Portuguese does not say he “doesn’t know the name of the color”, he says “it’s from the color of the donkey when it runs away”.
  13. A Portuguese is not “worry free,” he “is sitting under the shade of a banana tree.”
  14. A Portuguese does not “wake up angry”, he “wakes up with his left foot”
  15. A Portuguese does not “have cold”, he just “beats his tooth”.
  16. A Portuguese never says you are jealous of him, he says you have elbow pain
  17. A Portuguese never admits he is wrong, he gives the arm to twist.
  18. A Portuguese is never in a difficult situation, he says “I saw myself greek”
  19. A Portuguese never says he has to take care of his best interests, he says “I have to pull the ember to my sardine”
  20. A Portuguese never says he doesn’t care, he says “that is equal to the liter
  21. A Portuguese don’t say “don’t mess with me”, he says “you don’t make flour with me”
  22. A Portuguese never says that you are totally off-topic instead he says “what does the ass have to do with the trousers?”
  23. A Portuguese never says he really don’t care about something, he says “I don’t know, I don’t want to know and I have anger of those who know”
  24. A Portuguese is not “experienced,” he has “spent many years turning chickens.”
  25. A Portuguese is not distracted, he is thinking in the death of the heifer.
  26. A Portuguese does not “say something is hard to do”, he just says “is not going to be a sweet pear”
  27. A Portuguese does not have a problema, he “is done to the steak”.
  28. A Portuguese is never really ma dor furious, he went with the wires
  29. “tempestade num copo de água”- dar muita importância a um facto insignificante
  30. A Portuguese is “never confused”, he just “puts his feet in his hands”.
  31. When a Portuguese doesn’t remember what we was going to say, he says “I’m having a white”
  32. A Portuguese does not “think something is strange”, he “has little monkeys inside his head”
  33. A Portuguese never say “Not even in a million years”, instead he will say “not even if the cow coughs”
  34. A Portuguese does not likes the music, he shakes his helmet
  35. A Portuguese will never say to you to be aware instead he will say “put yourself at stick”
  36. A Portuguese does not “cause problems”, he “breaks all the dishes”
  37. A Portuguese does not “feel suspicious,” he “has a flea behind his ear.”
  38. A Portuguese does not want you “to leave him alone”, he wants you to “bother Camões”
  39. A Portuguese does not “talk about the same thin over rand over”, he “turns the record and plays the same song”.
  40. A Portuguese does not do something “to show off,” he does it “so the English can see it.”
  41. A Portuguese is not “upset,” he is “with olive oil”.
  42. A Portuguese never says that you have no manners, he just says that you have lack of tea.
  43. A Portuguese never says “you are greedy”, he says “you have more eyes than belly”.
  44. A Portuguese never asks a person if he/she is bragging, he simple asks “are you armed in a racing mackerel?”
  45. A Portuguese always warns you when you are behaving bad, he says “Bad bad Mary, if you don’t doors well, you are here you are eating!!”

And so many others I don’t remember right now. Feel free to comment and ask me if you want to know another expressions.


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