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12 hours

Let me tell you about the first 12 hours of yesterday and the conversation I had with my brain. As you well know, I’m unemployed so I go to sleep very late and wake up very late. It was 3 in the morning and I was starting to feel sleepy I was about to go to sleep when a friend of mine talked to me on facebook so I stayed a little longer. While I was talking to him I was also searching for job ads everywhere. Then all of a sudden I saw an add to my old job and that’s when the fun began.

I was a receptionist in a hotel in the end of 2016 and had to leave because my father had a health condition, since he has a grocery store I, being the good daughter that I am, went to help him manage the store. I left that job behind without a blink of an eye, to be honest there was a girl that I didn’t like, she was not nice – I’m getting off topic – so as I continued my endless research for a job – I always know that I will not find anything, what a positive mind, huh?! – I came across with an add to a job as a receptionist at that same hotel and I did what I do best – I panicked. I asked my friend what he thought and he was helpless!!

So I though I should ask my one and only and my better half, my best friend. Since it was almost 5 am in Spain (she lives there) I spamed her whatsapp (yes, that’s a thing, in Portugal we call it that when you talk to someone until they answer) till she answered and she said go for it, you’re not getting any younger.

So I went to sleep with the idea of calling the hotel manager the next day. The problem was that I couldn’t sleep because my brain wouldn’t shut up!!

BRAIN: OK OK DON’T PANIC!! IT’S FINE, IT’S FINE, IT’S ALL GOING TO BE FINE!! IT’S NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL. You’re calling him tomorrow when you wake up! DON’T PANIC!!

ME: What’s going on?? Why are you panicking? If he says no, it’s ok. You weren’t expecting a positive answerer anyway so..

BRAIN: I wasn’t? Why? Are we that bad?OK, OK I’M NOT PANICKING! Wait what if..

ME: What now?? Let me sleep it’s almost 6 am dude. I’m starting to have a headache.

BRAIN: I see 3 possible scenarios: 1) We call him ask him for a job and he just laughs at us and hangs up

ME: Why would he..

BRAIN: Shup ut, hear me up.. 2) He answers the phone but says they don’t have any job ads or 3) he answers the phone, says that they are searching for people to work there but they don’t want us there… OMG

ME: Or 4) He says that he’d like to have us there.

BRAIN: OK, fine, I should not be over thinking things.


Brain: So another topic. What should we say on the phone?

ME: Brain please!! Let me sleep!!

BRAIN: ok, go to sleep.


BRAIN: Is that girl still working there?


BRAIN: Go check it out please, please, please…

ME: Ok. What was her last name? I can’t remember.

BRAIN: We are friends with one girl who works there, go see her facebook, maybe they are friends.

ME: Ohh, here it is.. Ok, no she is not working there anymore.. There you’re happy?

BRAIN: Very, thanks. Go to sleep now have you seen what time is it??

ME: Whose fault it that? Great now I hear the radio in my parents room which means it’s almost 7am. Are you happy now?? And on top of that I have a headache.. Thank’s a lot, seriously!!

BRAIN: How is this my fault?? You are never up this late. This is a one time thing, I promise.

ME: Said no one ever!!!OHHHHH, go to hell….

The next day…

I woke up and decided to call him.


When I finally got the courage to call he didn’t answer but called later, what he sayed was not what I expected but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. He didn’t said yes but he also didn’t said no, he told me to send him my resumee and he would see what he could do.. So not everything is lost…

This too shall pass!!


6 thoughts on “12 hours”

  1. I understand you completely.Whenever i have a problem or problems, i can’t sleep too.When i need to get up in the morning early,i’m only thinking am i going to get up on time.Then i remember things from a past,from presence and will anything from my plan happen in the future.That keeps going until the morning.
    If you can’t find job this way,find it online.It is tones of freelancer jobs and money is not bad.At least you will kill some time 🙂 .

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    1. My first year on college was the worst. My finalls were coming up and I was always waking up in the middle of the night thinking I was late.
      And now it’s the same, every time I have a job interview or a new job I can’t sleep and when I finally can I’m always waking up –‘

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