Going out

Guys, I have a confession to make…

I hate going out. A normal person at my age likes going out with friends and drink…Not me… I definitely don’t like to go out, if fact I almost hate it, let me tell you why.

I have a friend who is a “musical producer”, not DJ, he hates when someone tells him that. Apparently there’s a difference between those too. I still can’t figure it out because a DJ also produces music.. His career is just starting, so last night we went to show our support.

First of all, let me tell you that I’m the type of person who likes different types of music but there’s some styles I just can’t stand like chill out. This friend music style is Techno Minimal, if I’m not mistaken, I like it ok but only for so long. I’m the type of person who only dances the songs I like, I mean it, I go through this:

To this if I don’t like what I’m hearing

When I’m at the disco I always have 3 logistic problems:

1. Where can I put my coat and my purse without anyone charging me for it;

2. Where to dance comfortably without anyone invading my personal space;

3. Why do they turn off the air conditioning system.

Don’t you just hate to be like canned sardines in the disco? I had nowhere to put my jacket and I hate having it in my hand so I had to wear it the hole time. Then it started to be very hot and to get crowded so I had to dance like this with my jacket on

So I had to surrender to those conditions, even though I never drink because I never know what I want I got drunk. The funny thing is I still hated the show but I love being drunk with my boyfriend I always laugh so hard with him.

Bottom line is I have 27 years old and it looks like I have 35. I bet there are 35’s having more fun than me 😂😂


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