Being responsible

Global Warming and Pollution Concept - Sustainability (Elements of this image furnished by NASA)

We should face the fact that our planet is evolving according to our decisions. Our responsibility to it, is making decisions that has no negative impact on the planet and helps him to evolve so our children and grandchildren have a place to live in.

We are part of the evolutionary process of the planet and we are destroying it. How do we destroy it? Among others, we pollute it with air pollution through gases that pollute nature, ecosystems, cause global warming, damage human health, and even destroy the planet. Through the pollution of water we contaminate living beings. Soil pollution through the chemicals we produce to fertilize them so we can have more production for ourselves and the animals. Sound pollution, through the damage caused by the sounds of the vehicles we use every day, some of these, in a certain volume, exceeds the normal levels for humans and even for animals, in a way it can affect the hearing. Thermal pollution is the heating of natural waters, heating them affects oxygen, causing the gas to mix in the atmosphere, which causes a decrease of oxygen in the water that in turn harms the living beings of water; this pollution is very harmful for these animals because much of the marine fauna and flora can be lost. And finally, light pollution, which is harmful to ecosystems and causes negative effects on human health. This excess of light that illuminates cities interferes with astronomical observation, its an effect of industrialization, besides, this type of pollution has a very significant impact on the ecosystems, as it contributes to the separation of resources and to a greater biodiversity, with this luminous disturbance some natural processes that happen at night stop happening and also confuses the animals taking them to the villages and making them killed, because the cars may not see them. The same thing happens with the birds, the luminosity misleads them and they end up being killed by the hunters.

Let’s start being responsible.

video: being responsible


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