Cosmic Life

Weird dream

First of all I have to tell you what my house looks like so you can imagine

As you enter the place, you’ll see that my parents house is huge. We have a big backyard, were we have a garage and a corral with chicken, rabbits and sheeps, (but to this dream this part is not important) and on the right we have a water-mill that my grandma used a lot back in the day, now my mon transformed it in a bedroom.

If I stand in the back of the house I can see the mountains and lots of trees. It’s very beautiful. It’s the best place to see the stars at night.

So, me and a couple of old friends (old because I don’t see them in like 10 years or so) were just hanging out by the water-mill. Some were inside and some outside the water-mill.

Out of nowhere, a flying pterodactyl appears and I started to shout “watch out!! There’s a dinosaur trying to get us!” and then he grabbed Lily with his claws.

I looked up and jumped to help her. As I was in the air I noticed he was wearing light blue boxers and he had one testicle out with a bunch of public air out too, it was gross. I managed to rich him and take Lily out of his claws, but instead of catching his claw to get to Lily I pullet one of his pubic air (I didn’t do it on purpose), he look down, grunted at me in pain and dropped Lily just in time for us to run inside the mill.

Once in a safe place, I looked outside, vigilant, waiting for them to come and the last time I looked, I saw my neighbor and a cousin of a friend of mine. They were trying to skydive or parasailing (I don’t remember which one) and I started to shout “Go home!! You cannot be here. Have you not seen the dinosaurs??” They went inside the house and we, girls, stayed inside the mill. Then I thought that we were too many to be inside that little mill so I said “We are 20 girls inside this mill. Why are we here like canned sardines? we could be in the house, its much bigger”.

I ran outside to see if there were dinosaurs in the sky and I saw a priest, who apparently was there since the beginning. He was in the back of the house staring at the mountains with a very serious look on his face. I looked up too and discovered that everything had changed. Instead of those beautiful green mountains, everything was under construction, there was a derrick and a bulldozer, everything was yellow and the trees were gone. I didn’t talk to the priest, just stood there with him, looking at the skies waiting for the dinosaurs. I was devastated with that scenario, when I looked left I saw, very far away, 3 dinosaurs, one was green with a red line in the middle of his wings and the other two were light blue with a dark blue line also in the middle of their wings. The priest said that those two were scouts and the green one was the dinosaur that tried to take Lily away.

Captura de ecrã 2018-04-09, às 04.14.30

I climbed a wall to have a better view of them while the girls went inside the house, one by one. Instead of going inside by the door, they were climbing the window (I thought to myself “stupid girls”) and I noticed that there was a dinosaur over the window, on the rooftop, judging by his size, I think it was a baby, he was red and yellow and had his tong out, i think he was thirsty because he didn’t do anything to the girls who were entering the house.

The next thing I remember is being inside the house, by the window, telling the girls to be carefull because that baby dinosaur was trying to get to them with his tong.

Then I was outside again, standing on top of the wall grabbing the fence looking at that baby dinosaur and watching the skies for more dinosaurs, when out of nowhere there was a crowd leaving my house. There were people leaning against the house and people leaning against the fence and a bride came out of my house wearing a burgundy wedding dress. I had to shout “are you crazy people??there are dinosaurs everywhere trying to catch us!!”

And then my alarm started ringing and I woke up.

What a weird dream, I have a very creative mind when I’m sleeping.


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