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Unemployment part 2

Today I want to share with you my week. As you know my life is pretty boring right now. Aside from the course I’m taking nothing happens. Monday was just another day but Tuesday….

I started my Tuesday with a phone call. It was 10am and I didn’t recognize the number so I let it ring. Later that day I called it and it turns out it was a man from a hotel asking if I was available to do an interview to work as a receptionist.

The interview was the next day, Wednesday, I was prepared in case he asked about 3 qualities and 3 flaws (if you’re following my posts, you’ll know they have asked me this before and I don’t see the point of those questions, here is the link to my previous post). As I was saying, I was prepared, but at the same time I was confused. You see, I already had an interview there, last year to the same workstation but the hotel manager was a woman, I thought “well, this hotel is poorly managed maybe they switched managers”. When I arrived the same man who called me, asked me if I was there to the job interview and to enter a small room where the interview was taking place, then he came and started the interview by saying that the hotel manager was in training and that he was the receptionist.

Ok, let me stop right here, as capable he was to do that job, in my point of view, it should be the hotel manager to do the interview because a receptionist is not qualified to assess the skills or attributes of the candidate.

Aside from that, the interview went well and he said he’d call with an answer.

Thursday morning I woke up with a phone call, again I didn’t recognize the number so I let it rang and went to sleep again (it was too early).

In the afternoon I called the number back and a girl from a hotel I have already worked last year asked me if I was available to make an interview friday at 11 am. Before I go further with this story, I have to tell you what went wrong with this work the last time.

It was september and as always I was looking for a job. I found an ad asking for a Spa receptionist, which I thought was perfect because I was already thinking about taking a course as a massage therapist. The job interview went great, what started as a temporary part-time job turned out to be a full-time job with a work contract of a year because the hotel manager saw that I have some experience as a receptionist, so he proposed that initially I worked in the spa but after a few weeks or months he’d take me to the hotel reception area. I was over the moon with that job, sure it was very easy, I had to make sure everything was clean and organized, schedule massages, take care of the indoor and outdoor pull… everything but massages… And after two weeks the hotel manager dismissed me saying the experimental time was over. Just that, I did nothing wrong. I was devastated but ok, there’s plenty fish in the sea.

Now, back to last friday, 11 am I was there, feeling a bit nervous, I might say, because let’s be real who in their right mind trusts a guy like that? When he fired me he didn’t even looked me in the eyes. He is the type of person who says he will get you the job and then crushes you’re dreams! But I went there anyways because I really need a job.

The receptionist, who is a friend, said he was having breakfast and that I had to wait but the time was passing by and he was nowhere to be found so my friend called him and he said he was in another city and had to reschedule to 2 pm. He told no one where he was going (isn’t he a nice guy?). Again, I really need this job, so ok I was there by 2 pm. This time the receptionist say it would be 5 minutes, he was just taking care of business. So I waited….And waited….And waited….And talked to my friend the receptionist…..And waited… At this point I was ready to leave, 2:30 pm I went to have a smoke and call my mother, 2:40 pm he was mocking me, he remembers me and is ashamed for what he did to me and can’t look at me. Finally I saw him and went to him to have that stupid interview. We went to his office and he immediately said:

Manager: “where do I know you from? Did you already worked here?”

OMG, I was capable of smacking his face down but very calmly I said: “yes, I’ve worked here. In the spa. Remember?”

Manager: “Ohh, yes, yes I remember you, but…why did you leave?”

OMG SERIOUSLY?? I’m going to kill you. Again very quietly I answer: “You dismissed me. As I recall you said the 15 day experience was over!!”

If you could see the look on his face… priceless…I loved it… He changed topics right away.. You see, what happened last September was that they needed someone to work in the spa because one therapist was on vacation. Fortunately for him I was already at day 14 and on my day off when she arrived from vacation, so they didn’t need me anymore and sent me away. If he had just said they needed someone to cover her vacation I would be fine with that, why did he have to lie?

Anyway, we were in the middle of the interview when his phone rang and he took it, which I thought was very rude, I know sometimes we answer because it’s a very important phone call but even in this case we say “let me call you back” or “sorry I really have to take this call” and leave the room but no, he took that phone call in front off me and took forever talking about a construction site and its problems. I swear he did it on purpose, by the time he was done with the phone call I had already talked to a friend on whatsapp, dismissed a call from my boyfriend and go on facebook to watch a teaser from grey’s anatomy. I’m not the type of person who interrupts a conversation to answer the phone, I put the call on hold and after I’m done I call the person back and I expect people do the same for me, its common cortesy. I might be wrong but I expect the same level of education from others.

The rest of the interview was fine with some riddiculous questions like do you know how to work with numbers? and some others more complex like do you know what a receptionist does, besides the obvious answer, the costumers? … In the end he said he’d get in touch, but honestly I’d rather he didn’t say a thing.

Bottom line is I’m starting to think people don’t like my resumes, they must think I’m too young, or that I have much studies or I don’t have enough experience. Whatever it is, it’s keeping them to get me a job.

This too shall pass.



2 thoughts on “Unemployment part 2”

    1. Thank you. When hiring they give only importance to your resume, if you have experience you are hired but if not….
      They forget that none is born taught and that we need to start somewhere.


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