Crazy Music

Have you ever found yourself with a piece of song stuck in your heard for what it feels like hours or days? Sometimes it’s just a line and sometimes a chorus or maybe a hole verse. It’s very annoying sometimes.

You know when you say someone is on drugs? Yeah that’s me, minus the drugs. I’m on music, all the time. I always have some music stuck in my head, not some music I have just heard on the radio, it’s just a random music that pops into my head at any time.

Normally I can have a song looping in my head from the moment I wake up untill I go to sleep or I wake up with a music already playing and a couple of hours later goes away. It’s very annoying because sometimes I need to stay focussed on something and the music doesn’t go away. And sometimes I don’t even like the music or the singer.

This week, for instance, I noticed that this happened more often so I went to do some research…

Apparently this is a this called earworm and about 98% of people have it and this “condition” is directly linked to OCD. The thing is I have no OCD (that I know of). BUT most people who have this are perfectly fine.

They say, as this is a disturbing habit for those who suffer it, the practice of meditation helps to cultivate the silence by noticing the space between thoughts. Other option is to get help and take pills that help you stay focussed. Or you can listen the hole song to get it out of your head, most people only get a small piece of it and their mind gets stuck trying to figure out the rest of it.

Or you have the fourth option, play along and it will go away, like reverse psychology. It works on me.


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