So, today I want to talk about the harm we do to the planet.

Take for example the Easter Island. The problem was that the population grew up too quickly, the forests disappeared due to the deforestation and the soil suffered erosion and was not good to agriculture.

We must stop hurting the planet. We cut trees because we need wood and resin; we pollute the air with our cars instead of going by bus or train. The biggest enemy of the planet is the human being, which directly interfere with the environment. Despite the evolution in technology, man has yet to find a solution to contain the degradation of the environment.

The capitalist world has forgotten that clean air and clean water are not bought, we have to take care of the planet, “only when the last tree is cut down, the last fish is killed and the last river is polluted, man will realize that he cannot eat money”.

What happened to the Easter Island is what will happen in the very near future on our planet.

I was curious about my footprint so I made the test and i was shocked to discover that it is 87%. I’m always thinking about the environment I don’t throw things to the ground, when I go shopping I always have a bag with me and if I don’t I carry things in my hands, when brushing the teeth I always close the tap and do the same with the dishes…

I thought I was helping the environment but then I took the test and I was shocked with the result. To help the planet we must change our lifestyle first by making small steps like reuse things, start to recicle or bring a bag when you shop for example.


Take the test: Carbon Footprint


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