Job interviews part 2

Today I had an unusual interview. Normally, an interview does not take more than half an hour and some of them even less. As well prepared I was to this job interview, nothing prepared me to this one.

It was a job to a clothing store, I went there as well as 4 other girls and the manager and some other guy I don’t remember his position at the store took us to another place. I don’t know how well you know the mall, but besides all those stores and some stairs people are not allowed to they have other places I did not imagine. They took us out of the mall and entered another part of the building I did not know existed (I though it was the machinery room or something) and then turned right and left and up the stairs and left again, I have to tell you at some point I though “This is it, they are going to kidnap me and 4 other girls”.

When we arrived at the meeting room I thought we were having the interview one by one, as usual. I was wrong…I had a group dynamics, it was so cool.

Group dynamics or mind games are games that are usually used to improve the relationships between co-workers or between classmates. They can have different goals like interaction of the group, cooperation, leadership, to develop creativity…. I love group dynamics, I’ve done it before in the university, hell I had a whole subject dedicated to this topic.

What I didn’t know is that they also do this in job interviews… It makes sence, the person is loosen up and does not gets nervous… And honestly it makes the interview easier, they can be so methodological and robotic sometimes.

We made a bunch of exercises like learn everything about one girl and then introduce her and vice versa, the strengths of a sales assistant, list the most important to the least important topic (they gave us a list of things happening while we were working) and my favourite, a survival exercise. We were on an air balloon. Somehow the balloon started to have problems and we started to fall down, so one of us had to sacrifice herself in order the others could survive. So we had to come up with characters and make a solid argument – BTW I was Joana, a mother of 4 and 7 months pregnant with a husband that had a terminal cancer and was the only source of incoming. Needless to say that I didn’t die. After that we had to make a roleplay sale to a costumer.

Even though I know I wont be hired I enjoyed it very much, never done that in a job interview… Normally, I leave job interviews thinking what a relief I can breathe now but in this one I actually left happy.


2 thoughts on “Job interviews part 2”

    1. They only care if you can do your job right and in time. From their point of view, woman/mothers are not that productive as man, because, obviously, they have children to take care.


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