I have a job interview, now what?

A job interview is probably the most important step you will take in the search for your dream job. They can be very tricky and stressful sometimes, if you are somehow like me, you will get a bad night sleep, you’ll be nervous and your heart will race like nascar cars. So, here are some tips that help me, and hopefully some of you in the same situation, to get through an interview.

1.Study the company

Before going to the interview, you must learn all the things they sell. You must be prepared if they ask you “Do you know the kind of products we have?”, you must know how to answer this question, you don’t need to know all the products obviously, but give at least 2 or 3 examples, or say that you like that thing specifically. This creates a connection/empathy between both of you.



How you look is very important. I know it seems foolish. I think the same way, “why should I wear something I don’t like just to go on a job interview? If they pick me they will see that I don’t dress fancy” – That’s how I think . However, the way you present yourself during an interview can have much impact on your employer’s eyes. For example, say you’re going to a job interview to Sport Zone, you’re not going to wear a suit, you dress comfortable but classy. The same goes to a job interview in journalism, you can’t dress a torn up jeans and some shirt.

Bottom line is, you have to dress accordingly the job you are applying to.


3.Prepare yourself

Normally, people feel nervous when doing the interview. First of all, you must show that you’re calm, no matter what you’re feeling at that moment. When I go to a job interview I just feel nervous when the person starts to ask all these silly questions. I start to sweat, my hands start shaking and get cold and my heart races like if I’m the highway a 100 miles/hour but I don’t show it.

One thing I’ve learned from one of my subjects of my degree in Tourism is that you’re body language can say a lot about you. For example, if you have you’re arms crossed it shows that you are in the defensive mode, the same goes to crossed legs, so loosen up. Don’t play with your hands, if you have rings just let they be, don’t play with them.

Sit up straight, you want to convince your employer you are confident in what you do. And lastly, take you’re time to answer the questions. He/she need an employee and you need an employer so breath in, calm down and answer the best way you can.

As nervous you might be, always look at the interviewer in the eye, you don’t want him/her to think you’re afraid.

If you prepare yourself you can eliminate lots of stress. A question they will ask a lot is “What are you’re strength and weaknesses?” – what a stupid question, am I right?, they can’t know a person in 30 minutes or less and with that question. But yes, they will ask you this question and you will have to answer. So, before the interview, think about yourself, what do you like to do in you’re own free time? You like to be with friends? (communicative), you like to stay at home watching tv or reading a book?(introvert), you like to make some craftwork? (creative)…The list goes on and on, just think of what you like to do and you will have you’re answer to that question. Or if you’re too lazy to think about it the Almighty GOOGLE has all the answers.

Another awkward question: Why do you want to work here? – Well this is an easy one, just go online and see what their mission and objectives are and link them to what you have to offer. Basically you just sell yourself. I know it’s an awkward thing to say but it’s the truth.


It’s physically impossible to get to know people under 30 minutes, they ask you all these questions to test our abilities and to know how we behave in different situations.

And one last thing, get there early because sometimes things gets in the way: traffic, wrong building, an accident… I once went to a job interview in a building that looked like a labyrinth, it was supposed to be a mall, but it was a very poor one, most of the stores were closed and there was no signs or anything, I must have gone up and down those stairs at least 5 times before I surrender and ask someone for help, which was no help at all, but I managed to find the place. If I got there on time of the interview I would be late.


Just remember to prepare yourself, imagine many different scenarios and what it could happen and just be prepared for it. AND YOU WILL NAIL IT!!


Or you can simply do this:

7 thoughts on “I have a job interview, now what?”

  1. Other silly questions or “weird”, rather, include “How would you describe an airplane to a three-year old?” 😂 Well that’s cos it’s somehow related to the job applying for but well done post here, and helpful too!

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