Things from my childhood

Things I miss most from my childhood:

My godfather immigrated to America and one Christmas he sent this to me. I loved it, I think I still have it somewhere in the basement.

Etch a Sketch

I lost count of how many I had, 5 years ago I wanted to by one but I though I was too old for it, shame..


I had like 2 of these. I recently took out all of my CD mixes to the trash.

CD Players

Back in the day, these were not considered bad publicity and we didn’t want to be smokers. I found it very hard to eat, though.

candy cigarettes

I loved these thinks and at the say time I couldn’t stand it, I was always one ring short to win.

Waterfall Ring Tos

A nokia phone was the best thing that happened to me. I loved those games.

nokia phone games


Do you have more? Comment below…


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