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Today I came across an article that made me think. I was scrolling down on discover just looking for some good material to read when I came across with this article about the beauty of having time and how this person was lucky because he had time to do what he loves and it got me thinking.

I have no job and no money to travel which is sad because I’d love to go to so many places. I’m one of those persons that hates doing the same things over and over and right now I’m more stuck that I’ll ever be, it reminds me of Charlotte in Pride and Prejudice, when she says to Jane that she is going to marry Mr. Collins, Jane says he is ridiculous and Charlotte says:“… I’m 27 years old, I have no money and no prospects. I’m already a bourdon to my parents and I’m frightened. So don’t judge me Lizzy! Don’t you dare judge me!


People often say to me “you need to get out of here! You will never find work here. Go to Oporto or Lisbon or even Algarve, there you will find a job in less than a month” but how can I move out of my place when there’s so much to do here? And the places? This is beautiful. How many people can say they live near the beach and the mountains? Here we can breathe fresh air, there’s no pollution, not much traffic. This is heaven.

I live in the frontier with Spain, if I want I’ll be in Spain in like 15 minutes by ferryboat or I just cross the bridge witch are another 15minutes.

I look east I see the mountain, I look west I see the beach. Of course this is a very windy and rainy town but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Think positive and positive things will come!


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