At last…

Lately I’ve been a little off on wordpress, I know…….but I have a good reason for that.

It all started last month. As usual I was feeling a little down because I don’t have a job, but I was fine.

I always had that thought that once you finish the university you have to wait at least 2 years to find a job. A job that suites you, a job you like. I always thought like this, because of what I’ve seen from my friends till now. Each and every single one of them who were looking for a job, only got it 2 years later. So I always had that in mind, but no one said it was going to be this hard. Wanting to do things, to make plans, to think about the future seems impossible without a job and you start to feel down. I’ve always tryied to stay positive, but even my parents saw that I was not happy with my life and there was nothing they could do about it.

“Just stay positive, something will come up” that was what they always said, and really, that was they only thing I could really do…. waiting for it to come and feel somehow depresed but positive…

One day my mom comes home from work and says “today I was talking to a client about you and that you have no job and she said they were looking for a receptionist in her company. So here is her number. Give her a call.”, I was very excited but didn’t want to make a big fuzz out off it, because it could be nothing. The next day I gave her a call and we schedueled an interview.

She was very honest with me and said they were looking for a receptionist but she was afraid to hire me because for starters she doesn’t knows me and I could be one of those persons that goes away without saying anything but I assured her I really wanted to work, that I want to settle down and that without a job I can’t do it.

Botton line is I was hired 😁😁 To be a receptionist is very easy, of course every job has its difficulties and responsabilities but everyone can learn.

So I’m pleased to say that I finally got a job. It was about damm time!! I hope I don’t get fired this soon 🤔🤔 Fingers crossed.

As we say in portuguese “quem espera sempre alcança” which means those who waits always achieves 😂


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