Cosmic Life


I’m not telling much about this dream because it was disgusting and I don’t want you imagining it. It was bad enough for me, I don’t want you to feel the same way.

Lets just say I had worms inside me.

It might mean that someone very close is doing more harm than good to me and that I’m trying to get rid of that person. I should do what I’m doing to get rid of it. Well, I don’t see how that applies to me life. I got this job because there is a guy who is leaving the company for a better one, and he is the closest person to me that could want to do me some harm.

So basically now that I have a job I should watch my back for possible traitors.

Oh these dreams of mine…


11 thoughts on “Worms”

      1. Ok. See the meaning and try to apply it to you’re life. Sometimes the brain makes all of these little associations/ connections to help you better understand what is going on in your awake state

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    1. Yes I think it is possibly colleagues. It must be, since I started working I don’t have much time to be with friends, so they know nothing about my life right now…


      1. I know, I just like to know what they mean. I only know if the dream makes sense when it is directly applied to my life, otherwise I don’t even remember them.


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