Cosmic Life

Grey pajama

So one day of this week I dreamed about my pajama and work.

Apparently I was on my work place wearing my grey pajama with a white sheep and I had my winter socks on. No one seemed interested in what I was wearing, they looked at me but they continued working as if nothing was going on. When I finally come to my senses and realized I was wearing my beautiful and warm pajama it all went black.

May I remind you that we are in july? With warm weather?🤔

When I woke up I immediately remembered it and went to look what it meant.

I discovered that wearing a pajama means that I need to relax and to rest.. As if I’m not well rested 😑 Please, I had 2 years of rest. I’m very well rested, thank you very much…

Image result for wearing pajama at work

Wearing a pajama in public means that I’m not aware of what is going on in my surroundings, that I’m not seeing something that is right in front of me. It might mean I don’t want to deal with the problem.. Basically means that I’m being an idiot on purpose.

On the other hand, dreaming about work means that I’m professional, mature and a dedicated person, but it also could mean that I’m insecure and not sure about something.

So basically I’m a working, dedicated, mature and professional idiot in my pajama that cannot see what is right in front of me.. It seems about right 😂😂

Oh….. I love dreams…

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