Cosmic Life


I can’t remember my dreams…

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I don’t remember them. It’s very frustrating. I’m used to dream with everything that is happening in that moment of my life.

A new job… A new boss…Some new clothes I just bought and I’m dying to try them out…Something or someone I saw and for some reason caught my attention… A stupid movie…….

My brain makes all of these associations and creates a big science fiction movie while I’m sleeping. I mean, it’s not normal to dream about a big pterodactyl trying to eat you while you’re with your friends in your house and where at the same time a weeding is starting. So yeah… I love my stupid science fiction dreams and now I’m deprived of them…

I feel like I have a hangover, I need my dreams like I need to breathe.

I thought since I started working I don’t dream as much as I used too because I’m tired but I figured since I don’t work on Sunday’s that at the very least I would remember them then. But no!! So I googled it and my fear became true. And here is what I found out (some I already knew):

  1. Dreams are weird (tell me about it) – our memory can hold on information through associations . My boss reprehended me one time and I still dream about it;
  2. Lack of interest – which means lac of attention during the day. If the dream is not interesting you will forget about it. If you want to remember them, than you need to stay focused during the day;
  3. Stress – Stress is directly connected with lack of dreams. Some people start to have insomnia, distress or nightmares or in other cases the person simply can’t remember the dream. It’s important to relax and to fall asleep without disturbance so your mind can rest properly;
  4. Drugs and Alcohol – afects the sleep and therefore the dreams;
  5. Moon fases – in case you didn’t know we are afected by the moon. She can increase or reduce our memory. A full moon can increase our chances of remembering our dream, while the new moon can reduce those chances;
  6. Trauma or losses – studies show that in some trauma cases the person cannot remember the dreams;
  7. Unwillingness to wake up – sometimes we live things in our dreams that look very real, for example, being with our loved one knowing he/she doesn’t loves us back in the real world or being the most beautifull. That being said, the brain awakes the body so we don’t enter in transe mode (like Inception).

In a way our dreams help us wake up from our illusions so we can see what’s really going on. If there is something the dreamer doesn’t want to recognize about her/himself, it might be difficult to remember the dream that will help us see ourself in a new light.

The question is: Is there something I don’t want to see in my life that is preventing me from remembering my dreams? Is that something connected to my personal or professional life? How can I solve this problem? What can I do? Since we can only remember the importat dreams, does this means that my latest dreams are not important?

I like my nonsense dreams!! Let the come back to me!!




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