Cosmic Life

Great news

Guys I have great news!! I dreamed 😁😁

I have to say, I was beginning to be worried.

So this week I had 2 different dreams. In the first one I dreamed that my left hand was itching very hard, I looked up and saw a red spot between my middle finger and ring finger.

I went to look it up and for the first dream I found out that dreaming with my hands means that I have a bright future ahead of me and dream about my left hand means comfort and progress.

Now, dreaming about my hand itching means money problems, but as I dreamed about the left one means that I’m going to receive money.

Dreaming about a red dot means that I will pass through something that will leave a mark on me. The red means good and new passions.

In the second dream, I was looking at the lampshade on the ceiling. Just looking… And then out of nowhere I saw the shadow of a centipede.. The only thing I hate most in my life are centipedes. I just can’t look at them. I freeze and cry like a baby every time I have one in my room.

This second dream means that my fears and doubts are keeping me from progressing and to reach my goals. On the other hand, it might mean that I’m about to participate in something that some might call illegal. That there is something going on that does not seem right and I need to pay attention to what is going on so I can fix it. I need to be extra carefull with the people I choose to be associated with because I can be caught in something dubious.

Dreaming about lampshades on means professional progress and increasing gains but everything depends on my perseverance.

These dreams cannot warn me more about reality. Why? Because this week is paycheck time!!!

Ohhhh these dreams of mine 😀

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