Cosmic Life


This was a weird one…

I dreamed that I got home and my mom was arranging my clothes into the closet and above the window there was a very strange and insect (if we can call it insect). Not that I don’t like insects or that I have some kind of fobia, cause I don’t, I just like them as far away as possible from me.

I don’t even know if this insect exists or if we can call it like that… I made a drawing… If someone knows it… Please comment…I’m curious now (but not that curious to look it up on google).

So there we were, my mom arranging my clothes when I saw it and started screaming “OMG…. A BUG!! THERE IS A HORRIBLE BUG ABOVE THE WINDOW!! IT’S AN ONUS!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHH….” I looked away and started running. And that’s all I can remember…

I wish you could see my dreams… You should have seem me screaming and running away after I say “It’s an Onus!!”

Now, What a hell is an Onus? And what a hell was that yellow with black stripes and skinny bug? Is the name important? Or the colors? It was something like this but with legs…



I looked it up and found some different meanings. Some say that little and insignificant things are annoying me. It can be a representation that I let bad influence into my life. It can also mean that it’s a sign of good luck in business. If I saw it at home means that I have to be prevented against some kind of professional treason. This dream might also be connected to my inner fears.

So, considering what is going on with my life right now, this is absolutely true! Right now, I’m having some difficulties at work. My co-worker, who got a new job (that’s why I got hired) and who is going away by the end of the week, is getting a little nervous (I think) and he is picking on me with little things like the other day the phone rang and he sayed “answer the phone and say the name of the person” but because I’m so used to answer the phone and saying the name of our company, I didn’t do it the way he wanted, so he got very angry and mumbled something while I was on the phone. What’s the big deal? I wasn’t disrespectful with the client.

Amongst other things, I started to be very anxious and annoyed and just wanted to scream at him and tell him “I’m doing the best I can and always do the things you want, it’s not my fault if you decide to think other way without telling me! I don’t read minds you know? Oh and btw, I can either listen to what you are saying or I can listen to what the client is talking about! So either you talk to him or let me talk, I can’t listen two people at the same time!!!”….. I know he is trying to help me and that he is afraid because he was in this company for 9 years and wants to leave everything organized but I’m only human and it takes me a while to learn.

In conclusion, my inner fears are starting to take control and I’m starting to be annoyed by my co-worker who at some point started to be a bad influence to me or at least is what my subconscience thinks. I will have success in business but nevertheless I have to prevent myself against treason! Seems legit!


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