Cosmic Life

Turning zombie!!

This time I dreamed about zombies! I swear sometimes my dreams looks like a very bad movie from the 90s, like the human fly!

So I was in a city, I think, and people were turning zombies for no reason. They were minding their own business and out of nowhere they’d just paralize and start to turn into a zombie, but in their defense, they were very calm zombies. They had a very pale skin and an eye effusion. That’s how we knew they were turning zombies. The first symptom was the eye effusion, the iris started to leak into the sclera (imagine that you are frying eggs and accidently stab the yolk…yeah that’s what happened with the eye).

Suddenly I was in some kind of basement with some friends and people I don’t know… We were talking and hidding I think… I turned to my boyfriend and asked how was my right eye and he said that it had already started leaking… I looked at him and said, with the world’s biggest calm: “I’m going to take an ibuprofen”- Like if that was going to help.

After that scene, he desappeared and I sat down to use the computer. As I was chatting with someone in some kind of chat room (like if we were in the 90s) I received the news that my boyfriend had just died. Homehow he turned zombie and died.

You know when in the movie the guy dies and the girl starts to scream like if the world was ending? That’s how I was screaming when the guy told me. And then I woke up and thought “WTF?” and fell asleep again.

Crazy dreams!! It could be a movie. I should be screenwriter, except I would write about bad movies like zombie shark 😂😂

Supposedly, dreaming about someone dying that is very dear to you means years of life to that person. So my boyfriend will live a very long, prosper and happy life 😁😁

This is the only thing I can take from all of this craziness!!

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