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What to expect when the company you work for is on vacation

I don’t know if I already told you but I work in a company that sells wooden houses and part of my job is showing houses. When I’m not in the reception area, I’m in our showroom talking to potential clients.

Till now all my co-workers have been super nice. They help a lot and worry for my safety all the time. When the guy I replaced went away my boss provided another person to help me and guide me while I’m learning. Let’s be honest, I really need help making budgets and answering hard questions about wood sometimes. This girl I’m working with is very nice and very pregnant, which means she is going on maternity leave very soon, so I better soak everything she teaches me.

In August the company closes for vacation… Guess who has to work because she started working recently and can’t go on vacation also because the costumer service is always open? Me of course… and also the other girl because I can’t be alone –‘

Everything is fine, except for the open gates of hell!! Working under 33ºC degrees?? “Hello? Saint Peter? Can you please lower the temperature? Thanks!”

The yesterday, the girl I work with had to go to the doctor, due to some contractions she is having and that are not supposed to happen. It was no surprise when, between visits to the showroom, she told me the doctor gave her a sick leave untill the baby comes. It was only an hour later that I realized I’m going to be alone for the rest of the summer.

I forgot to say that, this is an industrial zone, which means little traffic. It get’s creepy sometimes, specially when you are alone and can hear your own thoughts.

Breathe Freckles!!

What if someone asks me something I can’t answer??

Who is going to correct my, very wrong, budgets now that she is not here??

What if something happens??

What if…? What if…? What if…?

Breathe Freckles…

What’s that noise?? Oh nevermind, it’s just this big, scary wood company cracking and making noises everywhere!!

I’m alone! It’s just me… and the spiders…and the flys…and the lizards (that’s right lizards, we have a lot of those here).

OMG…I’m in a horror movie… Oh look, people! I better go…


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