Cosmic Life

The massage to my neighbor…

This week I dreamed that I was giving a massage to my neighbor while talking to her husband.

They are nice people, she is spanish and he is portuguese. They manage a restaurant and sometimes when she gets angry with him she starts to sing. It’s very fun to watch her singing the macarena (for those who doesn’t know, this is the real macarena music).

I remember she was sitting down and I was giving her a massage in her arm while I was talking to her husband. She was saying that the massage was very good and I don’t remember more because my alarm started to play. Because of that I was almost late for work.

Basically, I dreamed about my neighbour, her arm and massages.

I found different meanings for this. Dreaming about your neighbour means that I will have peace in my home life. I’m a person who knows how to live in harmony with others and I create my own peaceful and healthy environment. Dreaming about the arm means that I will pass through an important moment in my life where my strength will be very important to get through. Now, dreaming about the massage means that I will receive very auspicious news and I should be happy.


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