About me


My name is Alexandra. It’s been 2 years since I finished my masters in Tourism. My native language is portuguese, I also speak Spanish, obviously, English and.. do you know when you put an apple into your mouth and start to speak? No one understands it right? That’s what I look like speaking Italian and French (just kidding, I’m not that bad).

I made this blog cause I’m unemployed and I’m always bored cause I can´t seem to find a job in Tourism and also because everytime I thought about doing some art work I could almost never find something that could help me do it. So I thought “I could start a blog to help people” and here I am.

I’m passionate about the planet (woo, sounded like Millhouse), so I created a tab were I could talk about ecotourism, sustainability and how we could help the planet and stuff.

And you’re thinking, “if she is portuguese why not make a portuguese blog?” Well, I need to push myself and train my lazy brain in other languages so I don’t forget how to speak or write.

If you do not speak English and need help please contact me =)

I hope you enjoy my blog!