Cosmic Life

Great news

Guys I have great news!! I dreamed 😁😁 I have to say, I was beginning to be worried. So this week I had 2 different dreams. In the first one I dreamed that my left hand was itching very hard, I looked up and saw a red spot between my middle finger and ring finger.… Continue reading Great news



I'm so happy, this week I achieved the mark of 100 followers, I never knew it was possible, specially since I started it like 3 months ago or so. For most bloggers this achievement is nothing and might not seem a big deal, but to me, it is. I'm not the type of person who… Continue reading 100 Followers!!!


Music inspires life

  I cannot imagine my life without music!  Music inspires, helps and guides us through hard times, happiness and sadness..... Music inspires people because when the words fail, the music speaks. Music is so powerful, it not only servers the purpose of entertainment but also brings people together for the good and the bad things. Music brings… Continue reading Music inspires life