Cosmic Life

Big black foot

The only thing I remember of this dream is that I was in a room, it looked like a massage room from those Spa Center's. There was a girl with a white uniform, I think she was getting some massage oils that were on the counter. I sat down on the massage table with my… Continue reading Big black foot


At last…

Lately I've been a little off on wordpress, I know.......but I have a good reason for that. It all started last month. As usual I was feeling a little down because I don't have a job, but I was fine. I always had that thought that once you finish the university you have to wait… Continue reading At last…


Music inspires life

  I cannot imagine my life without music!  Music inspires, helps and guides us through hard times, happiness and sadness..... Music inspires people because when the words fail, the music speaks. Music is so powerful, it not only servers the purpose of entertainment but also brings people together for the good and the bad things. Music brings… Continue reading Music inspires life